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Hand Wash

Benefits Of Goat Milk

  • It has the same pH as human skin, meaning you won’t disturb the balance and it won’t strip or alter the natural oils and chemicals on your skin! It will gently hydrate the skin, while also exfoliating it in the meantime.

  • It is also much higher in fatty acids. These acids can do a great job of helping to repair the skin barrier, which is essential for keeping out foreign infections.

  • Natural fatty acids from goat milk tend to be much better for your skin than the chemical replacements that are found in typical skincare products.

  • By using goat milk products and even incorporating goat milk into your diet will help your skin get the vitamins it needs directly.


I got soap samples for my 4 dogs!!!! Let me just say that this soap is amazing!!!! It left my dogs coat so soft and much better than any other soap I’ve ever used on them. I will definitely be ordering more and checking out all their other products they have available. Keep up the good work wrights homestead!!!!!

Ashley, FL

Great to meet you at the Belleville craft fair! The soaps are so great and the lip balm has saved our lips this winter!!

Allison, Missouri

bug stick.jpg

Ummm the bug spray is amazing . Garry and I both tested it this weekend (Jake was being a teen ). It worked all day and we spent Sunday cleaning up old junk so it was tested. The only mosquito I saw on me was on an open wound, which is very understandable. 5 stars!! Great product

Kamela, Missouri



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