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Our Story

My husband and I have been together since 2012, married since 2016 and have 3 beautiful children together. We started our homestead journey back in 2020 while living in PA, when we got our first two goats. In 2021 we bought our new place with more acres in MO and absolutely love it here! We currently have chickens & ducks, 10 Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, New Zealand/Rex meat rabbits and working on adding Idaho Pasture Pigs. We are trying to be more self-sufficient by raising our own meat animals and making our own hygiene products using our goats milk. I started making soap because we wanted to get away from all the harsh chemicals and products we are putting on and in our bodies. Doing research, I learned that goat milk actually has the same PH as our own skin so instead, it helps replenish your skins natural barrier, overall goat milk is great for your body!

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